Are fireworks legal in vegas?

Fireworks are illegal in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, except for the Safe-N-Sane variety during the week before July 4th. Each county in Nevada regulates fireworks differently. Clark County Commissioners today approved stricter fines for possession of illegal fireworks. Many fireworks available outside of Clark County are illegal here.

Firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman sails, M-80 and M-100 are prohibited locally. If they explode, spin uncontrollably, fly, or are not labeled as “safe and sane”, they are likely to be illegal. Fireworks purchased from vendors located outside Clark County are likely to be illegal, including those purchased from vendors in Pahrump, Amargosa Valley and Moapa Band of Paiutes. Sellers can only sell fireworks from June 28 to July 4, the same period during which it is legal to light them.

Enforcement teams will be deployed across the Valley in search of illegal fireworks, such as those flying through the air or exploding, authorities said. Clark County warns of a crackdown on illegal fireworks this July 4, as “hasn't been seen in more than two decades. This person should always remain sober, and anyone who has consumed alcohol should not participate in the triggering of fireworks. Fire inspectors from both jurisdictions will once again team up with Metro police officers this year during the July 4th holiday to crack down on the use and possession of illegal fireworks in local neighborhoods.

Several major fires in the valley started in recent years due to the use of Safe-N-Sane fireworks. The deadline for fireworks applies throughout Clark County, the Las Vegas Valley and neighboring jurisdictions. Neighborhood concerns about noise, trash, and the use of illegal fireworks purchased outside the Las Vegas Valley are also common. Fireworks of any kind are not allowed in Clark County Wetlands Park or other local parks, or on public land in the region, including Mount Charleston, Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon.

Fireworks sold in TNT or Phantom Fireworks booths this season have been tested and approved in local jurisdictions, and booths are inspected during the holiday for compliance. All fireworks purchased or lit in Clark County must bear a “Safe and Sane” emblem AND must be purchased in the booths, which certifies that they have been approved by the fire department. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers will have the authority to issue a civil summons and confiscate any illegal fireworks. Even when fireworks are used in the acceptable time frame and places, people can only set off fireworks labeled “safe and sane”.

Commission President Marilyn Kirkpatrick noted that a boy lost a hand last year in a fireworks accident.

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